Bike tour: taste and riding

During the training session we will stop to taste the “Pasqualino”, to experience the atmosphere of Apulian flavours of the past. Tasty refreshment and hard training are the ingredients of this bike experience. We present you the “Pasqualino”: the sandwich with a recipe born in the sixties, of uncertain origins, with an unlikely combination of flavors. This sandwich is made with tradional freshly made bread stuffed with tuna, capers, salami, provolone cheese and often also with pickled vegetables. In Alberobello, however, it is widely believed that this sandwich was invented by Pasquale Dell’Erba, once the owner of a delicatessen shop in front of which he used to meet up with some of his friends. It was these dear friends of his who began each time to ask for a Pasqualino sandwich. 
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