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SONO Travel Club is the reference point for exclusive professional operators having Italy as a destination. When it comes to distinctive services and personalization, there must be no compromise: like a compass always showing the magnetic North, everyone at SONO must strive for perfection, all the way. With SONO Travel Club, the most prestigious Italian Leading Luxury Club with dedicated travel designers in several Regions, our business partners, and their guests have access to the widest and most privileged set of selected relationships with hotels, private villas, and service providers to build a fabulous stay in Italy. 


We have long lived how different maybe each of our guest travelers is. That’s why we set sails in the direction of a more up-to-date concept of luxury, turning it into a truly personal lifestyle experience. SONO, born on a very solid heritage and relying on unparalleled exclusive partnerships with luxury hotels and service providers, is crafted to ensure a personal touch and the strictest criteria in choosing the ideal accommodation and in selecting the most discrete, safe, comfortable, and yet functional services. This is for us the most luxurious way to travel: great hotels, private villas, exclusive treats spotless services, but also surprising activities and hard-to-find experiences to get in touch with our lifestyle so that everyone can feel a little bit Italian for a while. 


Feel like a Millemiglia veteran driving through Tuscany in a locally made supercar or jump up and down the 7 hills of Rome on a Vespa. Explore art cities of medieval villages or meet sailors preparing for their fishing trips off the small ports of the Cinque Terre or be captivated by the beautiful Portofino. Bedazzled by the light of Sicily and amazed by the Greek Theatre in Taormina. Visit Capri the island of la dolce vita where the inlets disappear into the blue of its crystal-clear waters or fly to Sardinia where the piazza of Porto Cervo comes alive with chatter, laughter, and glitter; but an Italian superyacht will always be an excellent choice for diving into the Mediterranean. And our Piedmont and Umbria countryside’s for truffle hunting: nothing is more enjoyable than following experts and their dogs through the woods, then enjoying this unique specialty next to a fireplace. All of these and many other unique, exciting experiences with SONO TRAVEL CLUB. 


SONO Travel Club

A class of Our Own

SONO has a thorough knowledge of Italy; our staff, services and partners can take your clients in every art city and all seaside, mountains, lakes and countryside destinations.


Our team of travel designers will take care of every need of the clients and offer them a travel experience that truly reflects their passions and their desires.


Thanks to our commercial strength, track record and experts, we can guarantee privileged access to reserved rates, availability, services and the best selection of luxury hotels, private villas and luxury service providers for every need.



For the most demanding travellers

Our premium partners will provide you with breathtaking getaways, travel and lifestyle experiences, gourmet adventures with the most select products, wellness retreats, and finally luxury accommodation, from beautiful antique properties to sought-after sparkling locations, relaxing in an Italian lifestyle to feel Italian for a while.

Mastrojanni is one of the most worldwide famous producers of Brunello: its luxury Relais offers a unique experience, celebrating one of the finest red wines in the world surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the Tuscany countryside.

Stunning fairy-tale venues surrounded by Lake Maggiore. Legacy of a noble past, Terre Borromeo sites are a unique mix of heritage, art and nature offering exclusive experiences of visit and perfect to arrange private events.

Urbano Tartufi is a synonym for truffle since 1852, when a progenitor of the Urbani family, Costantino Urbani, began to sell his own fresh truffles in France. From generation to generation, sales expanded both in Italy and in the European and international market. The Urbani family not only pioneered Italian truffle growing, but also shows entrepreneurial and innovation ambitions.

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