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Italian seasons


The ideal season for golfing, for feeling like a Millemiglia veteran driving through Tuscany in a locally made supercar, or finally jumping up and down the 7 hills of Rome on a Vespa. The mild climate is perfect for exploring cities of art such as Florence, Venice or Rome, perhaps even taking advantage of the International Tennis Championships. Then turn North, to meet the sailors preparing for their fishing trips off the small harbours of Cinque Terre; or go further South, to experience Sicily at its best. Enjoy the Greek Theatre in Taormina, showcasing itself and the surrounding landscape even more than the open-air event of the day.


The long beach of Forte dei Marmi shines in the white marble of the Carrara quarries hanging above, Capri’s coves disappear into the blue of its crystalline waters, and the square of Porto Cervo comes alive with chatter, laughter and shimmer of light; but an Italian superyacht will always be an excellent choice to dive into the summer. Unless music and culture take the lead: choose between Verona, where performances begin in the evocative setting of the Arena, and the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, filled with the sound of open-air opera. Yet, seeing the sunrise live from a hot-air balloon, and floating slowly above Tuscany, will hardly be beaten by any drone-mounted camera, especially if landing near Siena to experience the strong emotions of the Palio.


As the Italian summer fades away, the landscape is tinged with shades of gold. In the cities there is great excitement: boutiques are setting up their displays for the season, making room for jackets and boots, and the first cold calls for the benefits of a SPA treatment or a glass of good wine: it’s so good that it’s the right time to start learning how to make it. But in the countryside, it’s time to hunt truffles: nothing is more enjoyable than following the experts and their dogs through the woods, then tasting this unique specialty next to a fireplace.


The snowy Alps attract ski and snowboard enthusiasts, and warm chalets pamper people who need to leave behind the unrest of the city, which in the winter comes to full throttle. La Scala opera season opens in Milan, where residents get ready for Christmas shopping and the next design week, just a few weeks before Carnival, in Venice, suggests it’s about time to choose your own mask. And while celebrating Saint Valentine’s day, perhaps having a romantic dinner right in the Ponte Vecchio, why not savour an individual cooking class, another experience to cherish forever.

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