Who we are


Our story

Luxury made in Italy.

SONO Travel Club is an Italian brand which truly knows the Italian territory and that can offer the most exclusive experiences. With SONO Travel Club, our guests and our business partners will access the widest and most privileged set of relationship with hotels and service providers: this is due also to our broad and exclusive list of clients (private, family and corporate offices and specialist agencies, advisors and travel designers) from most origin markets: from USA and Canada to Brazil, from the Middle East to Russia, from Europe to Australia and the Far East. Relax and let us to organize your ideal travel solution to the many iconic places of beautiful Italy.

Exclusive, as you are.

We have long lived how different may be each of our guest travelers. That’s why we set sails in the direction of a more up-to-date concept of luxury, turning it into a truly personal lifestyle experience. SONO Travel Club has been created to eliminate any compromise when it comes to personalization;  born on very solid heritage and already relying on exclusive partnerships with luxury hotels and service providers, it is crafted to ensure a personal touch and the strictest criteria in choosing the ideal accommodation and in selecting the most discrete, safe, comfortable and yet functional services.This is for us the most luxurious way to travel: great hotels, exclusive treats and immaculate services, but also surprising activities and hard-to-find experiences to get in touch with our lifestyle, so that everyone can feel a little bit Italian for a while.

The concept.

The gold fingerprint logo, a universal symbol of uniqueness, is our way to communicate the craftsmen’s touch in their endeavor to fit over each of our guests their travel program; while our name, that in Italian means “I am”, represents the mission to understand our guests, their culture, their individual needs and their preferences, and to contribute our insight of the destinations: we wish our guests first to dream, then to enjoy and finally to look forward to their next occasion to come around our places, together with SONO and our partners.



Thanks to their roots, all our travel designers have a genuine Italian know-how:

Ferrari driving: 0
Fashion addicted: 0
Treasures hunters: 0
Hands expressivity: 0
Polyglot: 0
Truly listening: 0
Wine tasting: 0
Perfect planning: 0
Being Italian: 0