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Stunning fairy-tale venues surrounded by Lake Maggiore. Legacy of a noble past, Terre Borromeo sites are a unique mix of heritage, art and nature offering exclusive experiences of visit and perfect to arrange private events.

The Mastrojanni Label is one of the most authoritative and appreciated representatives of the beautiful red wines coming from the famous town of “Montalcino” in Tuscany. 

The “San Pio” and “Loreto” land properties, which housed the first vineyards, were the beginning of the story of this famous and exclusive Brand, which has been reaping prizes and awards for years.The uniqueness of Mastrojanni’s Brunello comes from slow maturation times: at least 36 months in large barrels, followed by a long refinement in bottles. Mastrojanni’s experience utterly enhances and exalts the qualities of its precious raw material. 

The Mastrojanni Cellars are worth a dedicated journey into wine tasting, discovering unique flavours and landscapes.

The Mastrojanni Relais offers the fantastic experience of living immersed in the beauty of the “Brunello” vineyards. 

All the Relais rooms, finely furnished and equipped, have individual floor plans and exposures. All enjoy splendid views of the Mastrojanni Mastrojanni estate vineyards, of the magnificent Monte Amiata, and, in the distance, of the enchanting Val d’Orcia.  

The Relais includes a prestigious Restaurant with a beautiful view of the countryside and a refined Wellness&Relax Area. 

At the same time, the surroundings offer attractive outdoor opportunities to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful nature of Val d’Orcia.